Who Are We?

Advanced Additive Manufacturing is dedicated to advancing your visions and providing you value.

Advanced Additive Manufacturing is a full service turn-key consultant that helps businesses better understand and utilize Additive Manufacturing in a profitable manner.

With over ten years of experience in developing and supporting additive manufacturing at large Aerospace OEM such as Lockheed Martin and General Electric, we have the technical knowledge to develop and qualify the next generation of additively manufactured components.

In addition, we have the business acumen developed by over a decade of product development experience to work with our clients to establish value propositions and value chains that lead to sales channels with a marketable vision.

Doing business with Advanced Additive Manufacturing is simple. Just get in touch with us by emailing or calling us to schedule a free consultation over phone, Skype or a web conference. From there, we can determine if additive manufacturing is the right solution for what you need.

If necessary, we can establish a 2-way non-disclosure agreement if your projects are sensitive in nature. This is especially helpful if you need to prototype projects but do not want the public to be aware of it. From there on, we can arrange on project details, time frames and more. Just get in touch with us to get started today!

What is Additive Manufacturing?

Additive manufacturing is more commonly known as 3D printing. It is the selective addition of material to build up shapes and features of components. The object is built from essentially nothing using a layered approach. The most common approach is called Fused Disposition Modeling or FDM.  Most people commonly identify this process with a MakerBot

This process can be seen by observing a Makerbot at work. The material that 3D printers use to make objects are made from a thin thread and the thread is carefully laid upon each other to create the final shape of the product. The thread is heated and fuses with each other as the material is being created.

While there are over a dozen other processes that can be considered to be Additive Manufacturing or 3D printing for the most part they are behave in the same manner.

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